James Daniels

WWI, Boer War


James Daniels's story

My grandfather, James Daniels (655806 + M/394983), was born in 1877 in Bermondsey, London, the fifth child of Thomas Daniels and Emma Smith. He passed away on 1st January 1947 in Surrey, England.

He enlisted on 27 May 1896 with the MI Company, 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. He served in the 1st and 2nd Boer Wars in South Africa in the Cavalry and received the following campaign medals for his service: Battles of -Belmont, Modder River, Paardeberg, Dreifountain, Johannesburg and Diamond Hill. He was invalided on 21st August 1900 back to England due to injuries incurred: he was shot in the chest whilst riding his horse. He was recognized for his services by receiving the Kings South Africa Medal ribbons and two clasps 1901-1902, as well as the Queens South Africa medal with five clasps for the campaigns he fought in.

Being a glutton for punishment, he again enlisted into the Army in 1917, this time with the 21st Royal London Regiment (1st Surrey Rifles). On completion of his training, he was drafted to France where he served in several engagements, including Chambrai where he was hospitalized due to the effects of mustard gas. He was sent back to England. On his recovery he was transferred to the Royal Army Service Corps, and then took part in the retreat and advance of 1918. He recovered well and lived until he was 69. He did however suffer badly with chest problems until his death.

Being the first grandchild and living just 2 houses away, I saw him and my grandmother many times each day. He was a lovely granddad. And I was very spoilt. He used to take me to the local park with either my dog on a lead or me on my three wheeled bike. We had such wonderful times together and after his death.

I missed him dearly. However, my darling grandmother lived until she was 88 years old, so I could still remembered the good times with them both.


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