Don Buchanan


Don Buchanan's story

I entered the Australian army as a national serviceman on 3 July 1971 and went through recruit training for three months. As I was a qualified butcher at the time I was trade tested at the school of catering in Puckapunyal Victoria and was then posted to 121 Supply Platoon RASSC in singleton as a private butcher. During this posting I qualified in promotion subjects for promotion to corporal.

In December 1972 the government ceased the national service call ups and recalled all troops from Vietnam. It was then that signed on as a regular soldier as ARA-NS.

In Feb 1973 I was then posted to RTB Kapooka ( Wagga-Wagga NSW) as a corporal butcher. It was during this period of my career I was transferred to the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corp. (RAAOC) It was at this time in my life that I met and married my wife. In May 1975 we had a son the first of two children.

In February 1976 we saw me again go on posting to 41 Supply Battalion in Adelaide SA once again as a corporal butcher. I again in this posting qualified for my next promotion to the rank of sergeant. After six years in SA I again went on posting to 32 Supply Bn Melbourne Victoria where I changed trade to that of a clerk. I gained valuable experience in various roles within the Supply Bn and then went to the foodstuffs element of 32 supply Bn.

In 1985 I moved again on posting on promotion to sergeant to 3 Field Supply Coy in Townsville QLD. It was in this location that I qualified in the trade of Inspector of Foodstuffs and POL. I also went on exercise "Kangaroo 83" which covered a large part of North Qld from Shoal Water Bay north to Cohen and the Atherton Tablelands. This was a very important posting as I was part of the Operational Deployment Force (ODF) as this is where all troops used in a deployment outside of Australia would first come from.

In Jan 1987 I again went on posting to 121 Supply Platoon Singleton NSW as the sergeant Inspector of Foodstuffs & POL.

I then in November 1989 went on what would be my last posting back to my home state and as the inspector of Foodstuffs & POL at 51 Supply Battalion which was later named Perth Logistics Battalion in Guildford. At this time I was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

My career ended on discharge when I retired as a Staff Sergeant in July 1992 with a total of 21 years and six days service in the Australian Defence Force. Since my discharge my family and I have been residents of the now City of Kwinana.

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