Jack Miller Fletcher



Jack Miller Fletcher's story

Oompa (my grandfather) is a highly respected and educated man who fights for what he believes in. Be it for his country or his family.

We have never really talked about his personal story during World War II. He has never been one to elaborate on the subject with me so I respect his privacy. Oompa has his ribbons, war memorabilia and family mementos proudly displayed throughout his home, along with the Texas flag and the kangaroo jack. This shows me that he is proud Texan, Australian and family man and he will quite happily tell you this, along with many story's of his journey through life and the people with whom he has met along this journey. I have many fond memories of Oompa telling me his life stories and events, he has led one interesting life and even published a book about it. Oompa fathered 5 sons, 8 grand children and 7 great grand children. Oompa has always encouraged and supported us all to get a good education and to be a valued citizen that contributes to society in a positive way. I couldn't be prouder of my grandfather and I love him dearly.

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