Wyvon Henry



Wyvon Henry's story

My memories of my pop Wyvon Henry covered only 12 years of my life because that is when he passed away.

My fondest memories are just being with him, walking in his shadow so to speak. Whenever he was near his shadow (me) was not far away. He was an extremely well dressed man who would always wear a suit even for a walk to the local shop. He lived in Beverley during the time I knew him and one great memory was walking to the bakery in town and my pop being stopped at least 10 times by people of all colours and backgrounds saying Hello Mr Henry and having a chat about life the universe and everything. A 5 minute walk would take an hour. He would always say the most important thing in life is respect. Respect for yourself and others. People will not give you respect if you don’t respect yourself and treat others with respect. Great life advice as it has turned out. And I think him dressing well was part of him showing outwardly the respect he had for himself. My mum and dad would let me stay with nan and pop in Beverley if my school grades were good as a reward for hard work, etc. My pop would always say to me “Junior. You have to be smart and stay at school so that you can help your people when you are older.” There is not a day I don’t reflect on the how such few words from a person I respected have influenced my life so immensely.

Pop was in the Army from 1942 to 1946.

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