Shobair Hosseini

Iran–Iraq War


Shobair Hosseini's story

What is the outcome of the war? None for a 8 years old boy!

I was 4 when the war started and 12 when it was finished. My father was an Army pilot who was killed in the line of duty before I was born. He wasn’t killed in a war! But working as an Army helicopter instructor. I still didn't like wars because I was always looking for somebody to blame for the absence of my father.

As a child, I didn't have a clear understanding of wars until the air strike started. We lived far from the border and war zone. It was all about the economy which was down. As a child, we couldn’t always have what we wanted and we were told the war was the reason. But warning sirens and air attacks were the real signs of the war for me. I don’t have a good memory. But the sound of sirens is still vivid today. I clearly remember them —and the air attacks, and the extremely loud noise of bombardments shaking the building, shattering windows, sending people into the street. Scared child.

My mother would woke me up at night, and we had to rush down four floors to the basement, left to listen in horror at anti- aircraft weapons firing outside, until the radio announced that it was safe to go back to sleep. The strange part was you sometimes could hear the sirens after the strikes...

I remember we couldn’t go to school for a while, because they moved the people and families who had lost their home to our school classes. I remember. I do remember when I was 8 years old.

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