William Wood



William Wood's story

Dad put his age up and joined the Navy in 1941 but his mother went down to the recruiting office and took him back home so the following week Dad joined the army.

His mother then went down again to bring him home. The sergeant told his mother that he may have already gone and found Dad and asked him if he wanted to stay. He then told his Mother that he had gone.

At some stage Dad was a member of a special unit called Curtins cowboys with small detachments of two soldiers and a string of donkeys stacked with supplies to resupply our troops in the Northern Territory when they retreated from the Japanese. Dad was chosen because he was born on a farm and knew how to break and ride horses.

Dad was in Darwin after the first bombings and was in the searchlight section of an anti aircraft battery. He was sent to a secret unit working on radar and worked with them learning all about how to use it correctly. I am not sure where he worked on these radar installations but we have one here in Kwinana and I know that he was stationed at Point Peron in 1943 as he told me that he was with a small detachment of troops in the area. The radar station on Wellard Road was there to protect the Metro area and as far as I know was the only one in Perth.

Dad told me a lot of other stories but the main thing to note is the secret radar station which would have played a major part in protecting Perth.

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